The Crimson Wing – the mystery of the flamingos, 2008

In the heart of Africa, in a savage and forgotten landscape, nature offers up one of its last mysteries:  the life, death and regeneration of more than a million crimson-winged flamingos.  Lake Natron, in the Rift Valley of Tanzania, is a land of volcanoes and hidden canyons.  The lake’s water is so toxic with salt that nothing can survive in it; but here, on a secret island, the flamingos build their crèche.  Facing incredible dangers, their chicks battle to prevail, and their unique story, embedded in this extraordinary place, becomes mythic.

The Crimson Wing is the most nominated film of all time at the prestigious Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.  Melanie’s script was nominated for Best Script at the Wildscreen Film Festival.

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Turtle:  The Incredible Journey, 2009

The critically-praised, award-winning film tells the spectacular adventure of one loggerhead turtle’s journey from a young hatchling emerging from her nest in the sand to the adult returning to the same beach to hatch her own young, 25 years and many thousands of perilous miles later.

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